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SAP Mobile Services

1.8 Billion Messages per Day

SAP technology processes 1.8 billion messages per day, but the company is planning for change in the mobile industry. John Sims, SAP Mobile Services President, explains in this interview.

SAP.info: SAP recently launched SAP Rich Communication Services 365, which will be one of the keys to driving 4G/LTE adoption. Can you tell us more about SAP Mobile Services offerings and SAP’s plans for the telecom industry?

John Sims: SAP Mobile Services came to SAP through the Sybase acquisition and was formerly known as Sybase 365. We provide cloud-based services to interconnect the mobile operators – about 1,000 around the world. Today, this is primarily about SMS traffic, but in the future it will be about interconnecting an array of IP-based services.

It’s a high-volume business. For SMS, we process about 1.8 billion messages per day through our hubs and we touch 5.8 billion people with those messages, across 210 countries.

Currently, the mobile industry is undergoing tremendous change. Operators are moving to 4G/LTE and IP-based technologies and need interconnection for these IP-based services. To provide that, we offer our IP Exchange (IPX) Service. At Mobile World Congress in February, we introduced SAP Rich Communication Services (RCS) 365, which runs across the IPX and allows operators to offer the next generation of messaging to compete against the threat of the so-called Over-the-Top players. The IP-based RCS service provides a higher-quality experience for users to be able to experience rich-media interaction – video, voice, and text – and we are one of the first companies to offer this service in the cloud. In addition, we are partnering with WIS Telecom I to provide IP-based on-net voice interconnection services that will enable end-to-end IP voice calls, network to network, with no interruption in the middle. That means the quality of the voice goes up significantly, allowing operators to command a premium price and also offer higher quality solutions for enterprise customers.

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