July 05, 2010   //  By: Frank Völkel

Office, ERP, SAP: With our tips, you can enable your iPad for the workplace (graphic: grasundsterne)

Office, ERP, SAP: With our tips, you can enable your iPad for the workplace (graphic: grasundsterne)

iPad Software

Best Business Apps for iPad

There’s no denying that tablet PCs like the iPad are destined to become well and truly rooted in the business world and smart apps are slated to replace conventional software. We took a look at apps for day-to-day business use.

If developments continue on the same track, the laptop is set to be put out to pasture – because more than three million iPads have already been sold. They are more compact, considerably lighter, more energy-efficient, easier to use, and don’t come with the trappings of a keyboard and a mouse. Moving parts are a thing of the past, and the batteries last at least 10 hours. But some questions need to be addressed: Can we work faster with our fingers than with a mouse? Is it easier to edit the contents of tables with finger movements?

We don’t click any more, we touch. The virtual keyboard automatically appears on the pad, so our eyes don’t have to move from keyboard to screen. And one thing is definitely true: Those small programs – also known as apps – are much faster and simpler to install than the bulky, old-style program packages. The same is true of updates and distribution: Data carriers and interfaces are no longer needed, because the connection is wireless, through UMTS or WLAN.

If studies conducted by a number of market researchers are to be believed, day-to-day office tasks in a typical company can definitely be mastered with a tablet PC. According to such studies, a slim-line computer with a touchscreen could replace a conventional notebook in at least 50% of business cases. Daily tasks include reading and writing e-mails, creating presentations, drawing up documents, accessing business processes such as ERP applications within an app, or controlling such business processes using a Web browser. What’s more, company videos can be shown or video conferences held, as long as the tablet PC has an integrated camera. It is highly likely that SAP’s ambitious plans of reaching a billion users for its ERP software by the year 2015 will only be achieved with the help of smartphones and tablet PCs.

The future of business: the iPad and the iPhone side by side (photo: Frank Völkel)

  • Anonymous

    There is much that would have to be considered though, to make the SAP more table compatible, not the least, I suspect, screen size and layout for many transactions. I also disagree with the assertion that keyboards are a thing of the past. As much as I will type on the iPad if needed, I do a much better job with a bluetooth keyboard. But minor technical issues like this aside, I am waiting for SAP to kick it up a notch and get connected beyond just Business Objects to these tablet devices.

  • Anonymous

    me too, I would like to know if I would be able to connect to SAP through citrix?

  • yuuji200-japan

    It is possible to improve it as “SAP-GUI”.
    However, it uncorresponds, and not being possible to execute it like “CO60″ etc. are regrettable in “TRANSACTION VALIANT”.

    Moreover, it is hoped to achieve the operation of PP-PI.。

  • Hamish

    if my company doesn\’t have SAPgui for HTML enabled, what other ipad app/s will act as a SAPGUI client?

  • Deepthi

    How do I connect to a custom JAVA webdynpro application on SAP Portal from an iPad?

  • Fatih

    May I connect SAP via my VPNC account from my iPhone 4?

  • SergioFerrari

    It should be made more clear that SAPPLAPP app enhances the SAPGui for HTML (AKA webgui) only in terms of adding a system list manager. It stores on the device the backend host names, ports and so on, that’s it.
    It is completely based on the SAPGui for HTML component that now (September 2010) is not yet officially supporting Safari as internet browser. For example, the ABAP event AT-LINE SELECTION (double-click) doesn’t work at all because iPad/iPhone manages it as zoom-in / zoom-out.
    That said, for somebody, managing personal preferences may worth the value of the apps.

  • teoman

    may I connect sap system from ipad ? is it possible


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