January 03, 2012   //  By: Heather McIlvaine

Idea Place

Crowdsourcing for SAP Solutions

In the Idea Place, the entire SAP ecosystem can submit, comment, and vote on ideas for software improvements and innovation.

When it comes to existing SAP software and products, the SAP Community Network (SCN) is one of the most comprehensive resources available, allowing SAP customers, partners, and employees to ask questions, share knowledge, and give feedback. In 2011, SAP launched another community for the SAP ecosystem; this time with the purpose of generating ideas for not-yet-developed software improvements and innovation. It’s called the Idea Place, and it’s based on the concept of crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is essentially an open call to a group of people or the public to develop a technology, design an object, or, in the case of SAP, generate ideas for new software and innovation. Because crowdsourcing involves a large number of participants who usually have a direct connection with the end product, it has the potential to deliver more relevant and fresh ideas than conventional R&D. After all, no one knows where there is room for improvement in a given SAP solution better than the partners and customers who work with the software on a daily basis.

Simply sign-up and submit

Any person can view the content in the Idea Place, but in order to submit an idea and to comment or vote on a topic, you have to log in with an active SCN account. If you don’t have an SCN account, you can register here either as an SAP customer or partner, SAP employee, or public user.

Once you enter the Idea Place, you’ll find that it is organized into numerous Sessions, or categories, under which the ideas are organized. Sessions range from specific solutions like SAP NetWeaver, to particular markets like Brazil, to larger solution areas like Mobility and OnDemand. You also have the possibility to request a new Session if you want to submit an idea that doesn’t fall under any existing Sessions.


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