September 27, 2011   //  By: Heather McIlvaine

Social SCN

The New, Social SCN

At the SAP Community Network (SCN), migration is underway to a new, modern platform that will support social media tools and simplify the posting process.


Can you have too much of a good thing? Take a look at the myriad blogs and wikis on the SAP Community Network (SCN) and you’ll see an example of a good thing that has gotten a little out of hand. “There’s just too much good information coming at me so fast that I can’t possibly pick out what’s most important and give it my attention,” writes Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President of SCN, of the current state of the community.

Since it started in 2003, SCN (then called the SAP Developer Network) has grown to over two million members, including SAP experts as well as customers, partners, students, and professors. Today, around 8,000 bloggers contribute to the community, which also houses how-to guides, moderated forums, white papers, and virtual events.

Earlier this year, SCN optimized its content for smartphones. Check out this article on mobile SCN, “Pocket-Size SCN.”


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