October 18, 2010   //  By: Daniel Hardt / Thomas Zaelke   //  Exclusive: Introducing SAP Landscape Transformation

User interface: work center (screenshot: SAP)

User interface: work center (screenshot: SAP)

Planning and executing transformation projects

The SAP Landscape Transformation software, fully embedded in the SAP Solution Manager 7.0, is clearly structured and straightforward to use. Predefined project plans and integrated knowledgeware guide the project team through all phases of the transformation project.

The software enables companies to gain transformation expertise in the long term, and thus optimizes the execution of future projects.
From the SAP LT user interface – the work center – users are directed to the respective transformation scenario. A project tutorial shows users the details of creating and executing a project.

Once a scenario has been selected, users can create a project according to their individual requirements and select the desired transformation components. This results in what’s known as the project template, which contains all the necessary project steps and transformation requirements as well as suggesting further optional project steps. Once a template has been created, it can be used for subsequent projects, as well.

A template comprises different scenario-specific analyses, which enable users at an early stage in the project to estimate time, costs and project resources. The analyses are tailored for each scenario component and provide an overview of all system and database characteristics and scenario specific information. These include analyses of cross-client customizing, report variants, and code scan analysis. All analysis results may be reused for subsequent project steps or generate additional ones (depending on the system complexity additional test conversions may be required).

Each scenario is structured using roadmaps that give an overview of the individual project phases. Comprehensive documentation contains further context-specific and detailed information about each of the project components.

The project steps are executed using a process tree, similar to the Implementation Guide (IMG), with which people working in the SAP environment will be familiar. The various project steps are performed through a remote connection in the predefined execution system.

Registered users find more information about SAP Landscape Transformation in the SAP Service Marketplace.

At the TechEd event in Las Vegas, the software will be presented in presentations and workshops:

  • Presentation (ALM 204): Perform Cost-Efficient Business and IT Transformations with SAP LT
  • Workshop (ALM 260): SAP LT Software – New Platform for SAP-Related Business and IT Transformation

More presentations will be held at the upcoming TechEd events in Bangalore and Shanghai.

Specific scenario analysis using SAP LT (screenshot: SAP)

Specific scenario analysis using SAP LT (screenshot: SAP)

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