March 25, 2013   //  By: Susan Galer



Ariba’s Cloud

Why Networked Companies Do Better

With its acquisition of Ariba last year, SAP has tapped into the world’s largest, global commerce network. What this means for SAP customers is explained in this interview.

Tim Minahan is the senior vice president of global network strategy and chief marketing officer of Ariba, an SAP company. In this interview, he talks about how the acquisition of Ariba fits into the SAP strategy and how networked enterprises consistently beat the competition with value chain transparency, efficiency, and productivity.

Read the interview in full below, or skip directly to these highlights: What has surprised you the most since Ariba became part of SAP?

Tim Minahan: The level of innovation at SAP. There is a clearly articulated strategy to be a leader in delivering innovation that advances business productivity and performance. For example, SAP HANA is a major breakthrough in real-time performance and insights, and we’ve only begun to understand its full potential. SAP has some of the most beautiful analytics and mobile capabilities available on the market, bringing the ease and insights we experience in our personal lives to the business user. With Ariba and SuccessFactors, as well as organic development, SAP has made a bold commitment to the cloud. The future of enterprise computing environments will be a hybrid mix of on-premise, cloud, and mobile applications. It’s really about empowering companies to execute business processes in the most informed way, anywhere and anytime.

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